What big Bengals trade might mean for future moves

Credit: Marcus Hartman

Credit: Marcus Hartman

We have praised the Bengals for being proactive in acquiring Cordy Glenn from the Buffalo Bills as free agency kicks off in the NFL.

He's a veteran who is a proven player, but he's not cheap.

So what does that mean for other potential signings?

The team's website offers a clue:

Glenn's monstrous cap hit may eliminate the Bengals from re-upping many of their own free agents. It's believed they had devoted about $15 million to that task, although center Russell Bodine and tight end Tyler Eifert look to still be on the radar. But can they fit now? Before the Glenn deal they were also going to effort cornerback Adam Jones, long-time punter Kevin Huber, and defensive lineman Chris Smith. But all deals look to be a work in progress as they crunch Glenn's numbers.

Retaining players they have developed is among the Bengals' favorite habits, and it is expected they will also sign Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap to extensions before the start of the season.

None of the players mentioned above would be huge losses, though Huber has been solid and Smith had some moments last season after being acquired from Jacksonville.

Of course, shoring up the offensive line has to take precedent over bringing any of them back.

Source: Reports: Bengals make big (6-5, 345, $30M) move

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