Watch this year’s TEDxDayton event for free

Open your mind to new ideas and fresh perspectives about some of today’s most important topics as the free, virtual TEDxDayton 2021 Signature Event will livestream tonight, Dec. 14, from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The ninth year of TEDxDayton incorporates a wide variety of enlightening, relevant subjects including athletics, education, health care and journalism.

Featuring 14 speakers from across the Miami Valley, the diverse lineup showcases:

· Alex Everett – “You Know You’re Dating Your Hairstylist Right?”

· Ernest Stockton – “An Earnest Approach to Recidivism”

· Faheem Curtis-Khidr – “Black Leadership in Higher Education: A Call to Action and Equity”

· Jen Burns – “Lettuce Talk about Food Waste”

· Josh Sweigart – “Local News is BREAKING…And Why You Should Care”

· Kami Anderson – “‘Molón de Idiomas’ Language Swag in the Foreign Language Classroom”

· Karla Hollencamp – “From Widow to Willow”

· Lindsay Ryan – “Phone Lines Are Lifelines”

· Mark Bailey – “I Need to Speak to Your Manager”

· Marsha Therese Danzig – “Flamenco Is My Fight”

· Mary Baldino – “We Just Want to Play! What It’s Like for Women in eSports”

· Miri Lader – “Making Room for Trust in the Doctor/Patient Relationship: It Just May Save Us”

· Ryan Ivory – “Being Black Is a Pre-Existing Health Condition”

· Umesh Haritashya – “The Wonder of Satellites: Real-World Applications”

The purpose of the event is to spark deep discussion. The speakers and topics attempt to foster learning, inspiration and wonder while provoking conversations that matter.

TEDxDayton will also be livestreamed Thursday, Dec. 16 from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

To view the event or for more information, visit

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