McDonald’s Big Mac sauce to be offered in dip cups

Credit: Submitted Photo

Credit: Submitted Photo

For the first time ever, McDonald’s is introducing its Big Mac sauce in dip cups.

“Mac sauce. Special sauce. Secret sauce. Whatever you call it, fans have been asking for an extra side of our famous Big Mac sauce for years,” the company stated in a press release. “And now, it’s finally getting its moment in the spotlight on our menu.”

Starting Thursday, April 27 for a limited time at participating restaurants, guests will be able to order a dip cup of the creamy, tangy and slightly sweet sauce through the McDonald’s app. The dip cups can be ordered a la carte.

“The Big Mac has been an icon on the McDonald’s menu since it first debuted nationally in 1968, after an owner/operator in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania came up with the idea for a double burger sandwich,” the release stated. “And because we all love a good throwback, the dipping cups feature retro blue and silver packaging inspired by the OG Big Mac sandwich wraps.”

The Big Mac has expanded to menus across the globe and even had its own jingle in the 1970s. McDonald’s also noted a social media craze happened in 2017 when 10,000 bottles of Big Mac sauce were given away.

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