Triplets from Kings take separate paths

Kings High School senior Matt Sichterman admits it seems a touch surreal.

He and his brother Dan have committed to play Division I football in college while their triplet sister, Megan, has signed to swim at the Division I level.

“I think if you told us a year ago, we would have kind of chuckled,” Matt said. “But we have been grinding away and I think we’ve earned everything we got.”

Megan was the first to commit, picking the University of Tennessee.

Matt was next, picking Nebraska. Dan selected Iowa State.

“It is something we have been trying to do forever,” Dan said. “It is really funny all the different conferences, but it is really interesting and cool.”

One advantage the brothers had was being able to go through the recruiting process together.

While Matt was first in selecting Nebraska, Dan was with him each step of the way before selecting Iowa State.

‘For Megan it was a lot different. Dan and I … I made mine earlier, which was nice because Dan could come on visits with me,” Matt said. “He kind of helped me figure it out and I am sure it helped him. I think we learned a lot going through recruiting together.”

For one, each saw something different on each trip.

“We took all our visits together and it was nice having that extra look there to help break down what they liked and didn’t like about places,” Dan said. “It really helped getting the full perspective.”

While Matt was going through the recruiting process early, it didn’t cause any issues between the brothers.

“He had a lot of faith in me and it was good,” Dan said. “He had a lot of confidence my time would come. I just let it be about him. It was tough, but a lot of good things came out of it.”

“It is fun watching my brothers live out their dreams,” Megan said. “It hasn’t set in that we are going so far away from another. The thing I am going to miss the most is them making me laugh all the time.”

“I think it will be strange not coming home to (Dan),” Matt said. “The car rides home from practice and games is going to be the biggest thing I miss. It is starting to set in, but with all the technology going we will get to talk a lot. I think about it every day. I know it will be a big jump from home, but we are just looking forward to the next chapter in life.”

As for mom and dad?

“They are happy for us, bit I think it is hard for them not to have the three at home,” Megan said.

“Dad jokes about getting a RV,” Matt said. “I am sure they will get bored around home and I am sure they will take plenty of road trips.”

After all, road trips are easier to pay for than tuition when the schedules work out.

“Maybe when they have a night game and I have a day game they can make it to both,” Dan said. “But otherwise I think they will be at everything they can be. I think they’d rather pay for travel than tuition.”

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