Burfict sets off skirmish at Bengals training camp

Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict ignited the first significant skirmish of training camp Tuesday when his low hit on Giovani Bernard on the second play of a non-tackling drill early in practice put the running back with the surgically repaired knee on the ground.

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Running backs coach Kyle Caskey was the first to jump in and confront Burfict. When Burfict shoved Caskey, the offensive line jumped in and soon players from both sides of the ball came together in a mass fray.

Later in the practice, cornerback Adam Jones put a big hit on wide receiver Tyler Boyd as he rolled out attempting a pass on a trick play, ignited another confrontation that led to tight end Tyler Eifert and safety Shawn Williams going at it.

The Bengals will have plenty of time to cool their tempers with an off day scheduled Wednesday.

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