OHSAA schools required to accept cash for tickets, concessions in October

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

COLUMBUS — Ohio High School Athletic Association member schools will be required to accept cash as a form of payment starting in early October for admissions and concession stand sales for all “school-affiliated events” as a result of a provision in Ohio House Bill 33.

OHSAA sent a memo regarding applicable information in House Bill 33 to member schools on July 6. It is believed that the law does not apply to OHSAA regional and state tournament contests. All OHSAA regional and state tournament contests use digital ticketing for entry.

The final version of House Bill 33 which was passed by the legislature and signed by Gov. Mike DeWine on July 4, becomes law at the beginning of October 2023 or 90 days after it was signed by DeWine.

The OHSAA told its member schools it will send messaging later this month with suggestions and recommendations on how to handle the issue for schools that are currently all digital with ticket sales.

According to the OHSAA memo, the law says a qualifying school means a school district or chartered non-public school that elects to participate in athletic events regulated by an interscholastic conference or an organization that regulates interscholastic conferences.

A school-affiliated event means an athletic event, play, musical or any other school-related event or activity that a district or school conducts, sponsors or participates in and for which a district or school charges admission to attend.

A school-affiliated event does not include any event or activity that is conducted in a public facility that is leased by a professional sports team or a privately-owned facility.

If a qualifying school does not accept cash payments as of early October from an individual who wishes to purchase a ticket, the law says a school shall grant that person a free ticket if there are still tickets available and the individual demonstrates there is enough cash to cover the full cost of the ticket.

The law says each school that offers concessions shall provide at least one location where an individual may pay cash for concessions.

The OHSAA includes an estimated 818 member high schools and 670 seventh- and eighth-grade schools throughout the state.

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