NBA draft lottery: Potential landing spots for Frankin’s Luke Kennard

Now that the NBA draft lottery has been held, we have a better idea of where Franklin High School grad Luke Kennard might end up.

A survey of four different mock draft finds four different potential destinations for the former Duke star, who declared for the draft after two seasons in Durham.

CBS Sports has him in the lottery, going to the Detroit Piston at No. 12.

Draft Express pegged him as the No. 16 pick, heading to a Chicago team in desperate need of outside shooting. sees Kennard heading to Indiana, where the Pacers are (like the Bulls) somewhat stuck in between contending and possibly needing to start over.

Finally there is Bleacher Report, where Kennard is projected to be the No. 21 pick, where he would become teammates with Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Look for these to fluctuate as we move closer to the draft, but there’s a starting point.

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