Lebanon beats Lakota West in five-homer game; one bat didn’t survive

Fast pitch softball - especially in the postseason - belongs to the pitchers. Lebanon and Lakota West were taking those pitchers over the fence.

The Warriors and the Firebirds combined to hit five home runs in the Division I regional semifinal showdown at Centerville on Wednesday. Four of those were three-run home runs, the other was a grand slam, and Lebanon advanced with a 14-13 win.

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They two teams were hitting so much, one bat gave up. Lakota West sophomore Alyssa Triner caught a pitch right in the middle of her composite bat and it broke in half on contact.

Credit: Nicholas S. Graham

Credit: Nicholas S. Graham

Most softball bats are manufactured in two pieces, Triner’s took one hit on the 'joint' where the two pieces become one. An umpire explained that excessive use can sometimes loosen that joint and a hard swing on the right spot will break the bat. There were plenty of hard swings.

What used to be to 'metal bats', but many now are made of carbon fiber and/or aluminum. The barrel of the bat flew out toward the Lebanon pitcher, but no one was injured. Triner was thrown out at first on the play.

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