Cincinnati Reds recall draft day memories


Cardinals at Reds, 7:10 p.m., FS Ohio, 700, 1410

Enough players heard their name called in the Major League Baseball Amateur Draft in 2015 to fill 135 teams: 1,215 players in 40 rounds.

All those players have a story about where they were when they got the call or heard the news. In the next three days, Thursday through Saturday, many future Reds will see their name pop up on the draft tracker. The Reds have the No. 2 pick in the first round Thursday.

The current Reds come from many different draft classes, but they also remember that moment in time when their life changed and their road to the big leagues began.

• Left fielder Adam Duvall, an 11th-round pick of the San Francisco Giants in 2010: “I was hanging out at my girlfriend’s house at the time,” said Reds left fielder Adam Duvall, “I saw my name come across the board. They didn’t call before. I was a senior (at the University of Louisville). I didn’t really have any options. They didn’t have to call and see whether I wanted to go or not.”

• Outfielder Tyler Holt, a 10th-round pick of the Cleveland Indians in 2010: “The part I remember the most is when my agent or advisor called me and said, ‘The Cardinals are thinking of taking you.’ Then the clicker went though. They didn’t pick me where they said they would. We were practicing for the Super Regional at Florida State. I think one of the trainers came up and said, ‘You just got taken in the 10th round.’ It was kind of mixed emotions. You didn’t know what was going on. You’re focused on college. You thought you were going here. Then all of a sudden another team picks you.”

• Reliever Blake Wood, a third-round pick of the Kansas City Royals in 2006: “It’s one of the biggest days of your life. … The first time I got called, it was the second round, and the Red Sox had two picks in the third round. They said if I was there at one of them, they were probably going to take me. But I ended up getting drafted by the Royals with the first pick of the third round, and I hadn’t heard from them at all. It was completely out of the blue.”

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