Athlete of the Week: Lindsey Mitchell, Fairfield

Name: Lindsey Mitchell

School: Fairfield

Sport: Softball

Class: 2019

Age: 16

Claim to fame: I am good under pressure and pull through when needed

Bet you didn’t know: I drag race

Toughest opponent/why: Mason because of their fast slappers

Favorite book: Code of Honor

Favorite movie: Grown Ups

Favorite TV show: Criminal Minds

Favorite musical artist: Tim McGraw

Favorite pro athlete/why: Aaron Rodgers because even in pressure situations he calms down and just plays his game

Favorite smell: Vanilla

Favorite home cooked meal: Pancakes with syrup, biscuits with jelly and strawberry milk

Game day rituals: Listen to music on the bus with the team and write 4R on the field

Person who would play me in a movie/why: Melissa McCarthy because she has a sense of humor and is outgoing

Words you live by: If you aren’t having fun you’re doing it wrong

Biggest influence/why: My parents and teammates because they continue to push me and have faith in me

I am most annoyed by: Slow drivers

You can’t live without: My friends and family

Most embarrassing moment: Vomiting on the basketball court in the fourth grade

In 10-years, I’ll be: Settling down out west with my family and a good job

Best thing about softball: Getting in close games and you and your teammates coming together to pull out the win

Worst thing about softball: The weather is unpredictable

Vegetable I just won’t eat: Asparagus

Favorite junk food: Twinkies

Favorite school subject: Government

Last DVD or video game I bought: Fortnite

Person whose brain you’d like to pick: Albert Einstein

Love to trade places for a day with: Beyonce

When I’m bored, I like to: Dance

Worst habit: Biting my straws

On your bedroom walls: Pictures of friends

Talent I’d most like to have: Be able to sing

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