Athlete of the Week: Colton Burger, Little Miami High School

Name: Colton Burger

School: Little Miami

Sport: Lacrosse

Grade: 2019

Age: 16

Claim to fame: Love of the game, perseverance, enthusiasm and drive to do the best

Bet you didn’t know: I enjoy fishing

Toughest opponent/why: Myself because I challenge myself every day to be the best I can be in the sport that I love

Favorite book: Outsiders

Favorite movie: Roadhouse

Favorite TV show: Gas Monkey Garage

Favorite song: Copperhead Road by Steve Earl

Faborite pro athlete/why: Rob Gronkowski for his work ethic

Favorite smell: Dirt bike exhaust

Favorite home-cooked meal: Homemade pizzas

Game-day ritual: Playing loud country music and re-taping my game stick before every game

Actor who would play me in a movie: Patrick Swayze because of the roles he plays where the main character is unique.

Words you live by: If you aren’t first you are last

Biggest influence/why: My dad because he pushes me when I want to give up

I am most annoyed by: Bullies

Can’t live without: My dogs

Most embarrassing moment: When I was fishing at a party and fell in the pond

In 10 years I will be: The owner of my own performance garage

Worst thing about lacrosse: Losing

Vegetable I will not eat: I do not eat tomatoes

Favorite junk food: Chili cheese fries

Favorite school subject: History

Last DVD/video game I bought: “Need for Speed”

Person’s brain I’d like to pick: Carol Shelby (Mustang designer)

Love to trade places for a day with: Dale Earnhardt Jr.

When I’m bored I like to: Fish

Worst habit: Zoning out

On your bedroom walls: Lacrosse memorabilia

Talent you’d most like to have: Playing a guitar

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