Regarding his Trump comments, Dave Chappelle admits, “I f****d up”

While some celebrities have been kicking and screaming about the Trump presidency, Dave Chappelle has been relatively quiet. The comedian is notoriously shy around cameras, he rarely appears on late night shows and for almost a decade, he completely disappeared from the spotlight.

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His return to the public eye was spearheaded by an appearance on "Saturday Night Live." During his opening monologue, Chappelle encouraged viewers to "give Trump a chance," saying, "We, the historically disenfranchised [African-American community] demand that he give us one too."

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During a show on Monday night, Chappelle seemed to walk back those remarks. "Morning Joe" co-host Willie Geist was in the audience and tweeted that Chappelle remarked, "I was the first guy on TV to say 'Give Trump a chance.' I f***ed up. Sorry."

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In a clip of the show uploaded to Instagram, Chappelle remarked, “Every day when you wake up, you never know what he’s going to do next — Donald Trump — he’s exciting like you thought a black president would have been.”

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After Chappelle ripped on Trump’s travel ban, the audience roared in approval, and the comedian joked, “You guys are not a good gauge of how people actually feel though. You’re largely rich, white New Yorkers. You didn’t even know he was going to win in the first place.”

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