Graeter’s Ice Cream announces the return of the Black Raspberry Chip donut

They’re back!

Graeter’s most popular ice cream flavor will transform into another deliciously indulgent treat this February.

The iconic Cincinnati-based ice cream chain announced it would release Black Raspberry Chip donuts again this year at its bakery locations starting Feb. 1.

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You can pre-order the tasty treats by phone, or in person at one of these stores. Bakery orders must be placed by 2 p.m. the day before it needs to be picked up.

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Now under the operation of the fourth generation of the Graeter family, Graeter’s egg custard-based ice cream is made the same way its founder Louis Graeter did in the 1800s.



Graeter’s is the only commercial ice cream manufacturer anywhere in the world to use the French Pot method, and its batches are the smallest in the industry.

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While Graeter’s is famed for its ice cream, they also offer a robust selection of baked goods at select stores including cookies, cakes and pies, danishes, donuts and even breads and buns.

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