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Frequently asked questions


Are there any restrictions on my use of the photos?

Yes. The photo prints are offered for your personal use only. That means you may display them in your home, office or business as a keepsake or as a business promotional item.

You may not copy the photos in any way. You may not put them on a web site or e-mail them to anyone.

Cox Ohio Publishing retains all copyrights to the images. The sale of the image does not transfer any of our rights in the image to you.


Why aren't all published photos for sale?

We cannot sell photos that do not belong to us or those whose sale would infringe on the rights of others.

Which photographs belong to us: We can sell photographs by our own photographers and selected photographs from the Associated Press. We do not have the rights to sell most wire-service photos. Check the photographer's credit with any photo you're interested in. If it says "Staff Photo" or shows the publication name in the credit, we can sell it unless it falls into the categories below.

Which photographs infringe the rights of others: We cannot sell photographs — even if we made them — that show someone who makes a living from their image. That includes celebrities and college and professional sports players (including game photos).

That means we cannot offer Ohio State or University of Dayton sports photos or pictures of the Reds, Bengals or Browns.

But... We can offer reprints of newspaper pages that featured those photographs in the above categories.


How do I pay for my photos or page reprints?

We accept payment only by credit card through our partners' secure servers.

We accept Discover, Mastercard and Visa.


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