Williams, Charlotte

Charlotte Williams

9/25/1931 - 7/9/2020


Every day must be a

celebration in your Newfound heavenly home, but our

Mother's Day is forever

empty, for your children here below. There will be no

bouquet of roses, no gifts, no cards, no hugs, no connection to call to hear your voice to tell you how much your loved.

Each day I see you in my

mirror, you're in my flowerbeds outside. I know you live

within my children, as I can see you in their eyes. Every day I feel you're near me, but it's just not the same. I miss your arms to hug me, I miss you calling out my name. I just want to tell you, because you're far away, I miss you more today, than I did yesterday. So Happy Heavenly Mother's Day, Mom.

With abundance of love from your children

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