Vining, Sandra

Sandra Kathleen (Ford) Vining

19 January 1954 - 14 August 2023

My Dearest Sandra,

The Universe brightened when you entered it 70 years ago!

You inspired everyone around you, enriching our lives with your empathy, intelligence, selflessness, and zest for life while cherishing the love surrounding you.

Your life path joined mine 51 years ago, when we met as bandmates in college. For the rest of your life, by your beautiful example, you taught me about being a truly good human being. As our relationship deepened from bandmates to friends to soulmates, I learned what it meant to love someone more than life itself. We shared that depth of devotion to each other throughout our marriage of 47 years.

Your joy in motherhood fulfilled you. Nurturing our sons, Geoffrey and Benjamin, gave your life its highest purpose. Our sons are wonderful, caring men because you were their mother.

Throughout your life, you cultivated an expanding circle of friendships, tending it like a garden, reveling in each relationship. Your genuine care for others drew people to you.

Your grace and love blessed us all.

You made me a better person because you loved me.

My heart is yours forever,


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