Thorn, William Templeton

In Memoriam

William Templeton Thorn III

Apr 17, 1977-May 3, 2008


Gone is such a simple word with the power to shatter a heart. Gone is missing, absent. They came to the door and said, "There's been an accident. We are sorry. He's gone." In an instant gone - his life, his future, his voice, his green eyes, his wisdom, his humor, his help, his laughter, his teasing, his hugs, his caring, his character, his big strong hands, his love. All of it was and is gone. Four letters together who became Bill that day. He is gone too soon. He left us with memories of when he was "not gone" from our lives. Memories of a good life well lived and much loved. He left us so much. We are thankful for his life and presence with us. Gone on this date in 2008.

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