Subramanian, Harihara

SUBRAMANIAN, Harihara "Hari"

On Tuesday, November 3, 2020, Sivaraman Harihara Subramanian ("Hari"), loving grandfather to Aadi, father to Ravi, and husband to Seetha, passed away at the age of 80. Hari was the first of seven

children, born on July 31, 1940, in Kizhambur, Tamil Nadu,

India, to father Sivaraman Subbaiah and mother Kalyani Sivaraman. Hari was a well-respected intellect, having

received four high-level Degrees: a BS in Physics from Loyola College in India, a MS from Temple University, and a MS and MBA from the University of Kentucky. He was a radiation physicist for 21 years, working in hospitals in Illinois, Arizona, Washington, and Ohio. The colleagues he leaves behind note that Hari was nothing but compassionate toward his peers,

often going out of his way to share knowledge and ensure others' professional development.

Hari had a passion for trivia - he loved to watch Jeopardy every night, and loved to quiz friends and family on new bits of information he learned. He had an adventurous spirit,

traveling to 5 continents, including trips to Antarctica and the Himalayas. He also loved roller coasters, reading mystery

novels, and watching movies and sitcoms. His volunteer work was legendary, demonstrated by the countless t-shirts

commemorating the soup kitchens, marathons, and blood drives he supported. He was known for his quick wit, his infectious smile, and his kind and compassionate spirit.