STOUT, Curtis

STOUT, Curtis Adair Curtis Adair Stout, 22, Stationed at Wright-Patterson AFB earned his wings on August 20th 2020. He embodied what it was to be a man of honor. He would put aside his own personal matters to be of comfort and support to others. He lived his life to the fullest and embraced every new adventure life tossed his way. His biggest adventure in this world was loving his fiance Daltyn Davis. She was his life force, the one who his soul was made for. Their love will surpass all sense of time and space. Being in their presence was to witness love in its truest form. His father Joe F. Stout IV was his very best friend. If ever two people were one and the same, it was them. Two peas in a pod. They not only look alike, but they think so much alike. Curtis followed proudly in his grandfathers and father's footsteps to the military, blazing a path that his brother Collin Stout fearlessly followed. He took the job of being the middle child as seriously and with as much laughter as he possibly could. He was his brother Collin and sister Jocelyne's rock, solid and steady. Always dependable and honest even when they didn't want him to be. Amy Stout was his Mom, his Mama Bear. While he was the rock for everyone else, Amy was his rock, his boulder. Steadfast, unshakable and strong. The one who he turned to for any situation to share laughter and tears. He inherited her amazing sense of humor and her stubbornness. He was also blessed beyond measure to find a second mom and ally in Dawn Davis, his future mother in law. She held a spot in his heart that he didn't know was empty until she filled it. Daltyn and her family fit into his life like a missing puzzle piece. Curtis is also survived by his Biological Mother, Cynthia Stout; Paternal Grandfather, Joe F Stout III; Paternal Grandmother, PeggyJo Stout; Step Grandmother, Linda Stout; Maternal Grandfather, Steve Hayward, and Maternal Grandmother Connie Hayward. Curtis had an abundance of friends he collected throughout the years. Each one holding their own special place in his life. The bonds he formed with people that he cared for were welded in trust and loyalty, and a few of them claimed a spot as family in his circle. Colton and Megan Farley, Mark Lane, Devon Parrish, Logan Greene, Floyd Morris, Elijah Moore, Misty Malherwein, Marcus Tolliver, and so many more. In lieu of flowers, please pay it forward and do something kind for someone today.