NAZIRI, Tricia

NAZIRI, Tricia

(Born Patricia Cavendish), age 26, passed away on April 27th, 2022. Trisha was an incredible mother, wife, lover, and friend. She loved everyone with every fiber of her being.

Trisha was a political revolutionary and activist. She fought for human rights and the rights of marginalized peoples. She was a secretary for the nonprofit the Hashlamah Project and was an advocate for unifying Jews and Muslims. She was heavily involved in homeless outreach and would give anyone the shirt off of her back if they needed it. She would often give more money than she had to others in need because she had the biggest heart. She loved flowers and gardening and do it yourself crafts. Her favorite flower was carnations and she absolutely loved the color pink. She would often spend her free time crocheting gifts for the people she loved. She loved to love and be loved. She was an avid painter and

photographer. She would regularly invite people over to come and fill her walls with personal paintings.

Trisha Naziri is survived by her daughter, Tzipporah Miriam Naziri, her husband Micah Naziri, her wife Shante Naziri, their children together Elijah, Gideon, Pepper, Judah, Taliyah, and Zoharah, her girlfriends Lynn Jimenez, Jaira Bivens, and Julie Renner, and her best friends Shaeli Spurlock and Shanice Dorje-Chang. These were her chosen family.

There will be a private family only burial for Trisha Naziri on May 6th, 2022, in Columbus where she was born. Shiva will begin immediately following the burial on May 6th continuing through May 13th. Those close to her will sit Shiva to mourn her and honor her legacy. (There are many resources available online to learn more about this Jewish tradition, please read up on it) Anyone who knew and loved her or wanted to know her is welcome to sit Shiva in her home located at 3341 W. 2nd Street in Dayton, Ohio. If bringing food to the mourners for Shiva please respect the family's dietary

restrictions and only bring food that is vegan. Trisha loved fruits and vegetables. Everyone who knew and loved her is

invited to bring fruit and flowers to the outside of her home and decorate her yard for her.

If anyone you know or love is suffering from mental health issues, please remind them how loved they are and ensure them that is help available."

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