Harless, Sharie Kay

Harless, Sharie Kay

Fort Collins - Sharon Kay Harless, 68, died peacefully at her home in Fort Collins, Colorado on April 22, 2023 of pancreatic cancer. Known as "Sharie Bug" or simply "Bug" to her family, she was the sixth child of Tom and Hazel Harless. Sharie was preceded in death by both her parents.

Born in Greenville, Ohio, Sharie enjoyed her childhood years in a safe and idyllic environment cruising the neighborhood on foot or bike, swimming on the Greenville Swim Team, playing night games in the neighborhood and engaging in school activities throughout the school year. The family moved to Dayton, Ohio in 1967 and Sharie attended Julienne High School with her two sisters and excelled in academics, theater, and music while making many friends at school. After high school, Sharie attended Oberlin College graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree

in 1984. On a full scholarship, Sharie attended Duke University and received a Master of Arts in History in 1988. For the past 25 years, Sharie made her home in Fort Collins, Colorado and worked as an administrative assistance at Colorado State University, most recently in the 4H program.

Being a student of history, Sharie was very knowledgeable about events nationally and internationally and had a keen eye for contemporary politics. She was delightfully unabashed in her opinions about how the current state of the country might be improved, especially for vulnerable people and communities. She had a deep and intuitive love for the underdog in any situation.

An irreverent comedian with the timing of a pro, Sharie was the source of much laughter and

merriment at parties and family gatherings. Her entire family, from her siblings to her nieces and nephews and their kids will all fondly remember her boisterous laugh and gregarious

spirit for fun.

Even in her final months, Sharie continued to spend quiet evenings reading and learning about the world around her. She had an uncanny ability to find contentment in her daily activities and maintained her life style until her death.

Sharie is survived by sister Susan Halley (Richard) of Greenville, brother John Harless of Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, and James Harless (Edna Higgins) of Dayton, Ohio, and sisters Barbara Gotshall (Robert) of Fort Collins, Colorado and Rebecca Rosen (Clifford) of Freeport, Maine.

A special tribute is due to Sharie's sister, Barbara, and brother-in-law, Bob, for their unwavering love and care of Sharie during the last 16 months of her life.

A memorial in Greenville, Ohio will take place at a later date.

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