Ciarrocchi, Gina


Gina Ciarrocchi was born in Italy, and emigrated to Middletown, Ohio, in 1960 with her then young son, John Ciarrocchi, following her

husband Attilio Ciarrocchi who had emigrated earlier and was then working at Armco Steel.

Gina and her family lived in Middletown for 20 years, until her husband retired and moved back to Italy. Gina made many friends in Middletown, and was very engaged with the Italian community in Middletown and Hamilton. She was a dedicated Catholic and frequented St. John's Catholic Church.

Gina marked her 100th birthday on January 17, 2022, but shortly afterwards she fell ill and passed away on January 23. She leaves behind her son John, her daughter-in-law Vincenza, and their children Fabio and Paolo, who now

resides in Florida. She also leaves behind two other adult grandchildren in Italy, Patrizia and Andrea, children of her

deceased daughter Clara.

Gina died in her own home in Italy, surrounded by family members and care takers.