Man ticketed for throwing lit cigarette out car window, fined $575 Canadian

The police chief in Victoria, British Columbia, apparently is keeping an eye out for what drivers are flicking out their car windows.

For the second time in less than 12 months, Chief Del Manak has issued a driver a ticket for throwing a lit cigarette from their car, The Vancouver Sun reported.

This time it happened Saturday.

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Manak said the driver tossed his smoke out of his car right in front of the chief.

The ticket, which Manak posted to Twitter, showed the fine of $575 in Canadian currency for the violation of the province’s Wildfire Act. The ticket would be about $430 in the U.S.

Manak said that when he asked the driver why he had tossed the cigarette, the man  told him he didn't want his car to burn, The Vancouver Sun reported.

Manak quipped, “Then don’t smoke in your car.”

One Twitter commentator called the ticket stupid, but Manak replied that he actually cut the guy a break and could have tacked on a speeding ticket.

Manak ticketed another driver last year for tossing a lit cigarette. That ticket though was only $81 for littering and $138 for speeding, The Vancouver Sun reported.

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