Georgia teacher uses racial slur in attempt to comfort 9-year-old black student

One elementary school in Columbus, Georgia, is making headlines after one of its teachers allegedly used a racial slur while speaking with a 9-year-old student.

On Sept. 7, Harmonie Frazier, a fourth-grader at Reese Road Elementary, told her parents, Equisha and Nathan Frazier, that an instructor used the N-word after a student said she was glad to be white and not black.

According to the Fraziers, the teacher attempted to comfort Harmonie.  The Ledger-Enquirer reported that, at a school board meeting Equisha Frazier repeated what the teacher allegedly told her daughter.,

“At least she didn’t refer to you as a dumb, black, Negro (slur),” Equisha Frazier said. “And I’m saying it exactly how she said it to my child.”

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Soon after the Fraziers learned about the alleged incident, they scheduled a meeting with the school’s principal, Katrina Long, to discuss the claims. While the teacher admitted to using the racial slur, the school has not disclosed what disciplinary action has been taken.

“We are aware of the allegation, but as you know we cannot comment on personnel matters. As with any allegation regarding school personnel, our principal, region and Human Resource Department conducted a thorough investigation and followed up as appropriate,” the Muscogee County School District said in a statement.

The district later followed up with a second statement:

"Muscogee County School District does not tolerate racial slurs or discriminatory behavior by anyone in our organization. In instances where such behavior is determined to have occurred, disciplinary action is taken. As an employer, and in accordance with Board Policy GAE, the District investigates any such allegations and takes appropriate disciplinary and corrective action but does not disclose the specifics regarding personnel matters."

Despite the acknowledgement of the incident, the Fraziers have since removed Harmonie from the school.

On Monday night, the student’s parents brought the issue to the Muscogee County School Board.

However, board members reiterated that the issue was private and would not be discussed in public. The Associated Press reported that Superintendent David Lewis said disclosing disciplinary action for the teacher is against policy.

The Fraziers are now working to help Harmonie deal with the trauma.

"My baby experienced something," Equisha Frazier, Harmonie's mother, said during the school board meeting. "She was opened up to something that she shouldn't have to be opened up to. She doesn't see color."

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