With Hamilton rally, aunt hopes to bring light to unsolved homicide

It has been nearly four months since shots rang out on a sunny afternoon in Hamilton’s Lindenwald neighborhood killing 18-year-old Londale Harvey. And it has also been four months without charges against those responsible.

The teen’s “auntie,” who was caring for him after the deaths of his parents, will hold a justice rally Saturday at  Fairview and Pleasant Avenue where Harvey’s life was taken on Jan. 26 when his car was shot up after he exited a barber shop with others shortly after 1 p.m.

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Posters stating every voice counts have been been passed out in the city by Sjuwana Springfield asking for the entire community to come together, but especially parents who have lost lost children or loved ones to “senseless gun violence” to attend.

“Even though it is about Londale now for us, I can also understand the pain of a mother if it be they have lost a child or their son or daughter has committed such an act,” Springfield said.

She wants to make sure Harvey’s slaying is not forgotten and that those responsible pay for what they did.

“Maybe this will refresh people’s minds,” Springfield said, noting Hamilton is a small town and everybody knows one another.

“All I am asking is is if people do know, talk.”

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