WATCH: Firefighter trapped when wall falls during gas station blaze

Dramatic video shows the moment a Michigan firefighter becomes trapped after a wall weakened by a roaring blaze at a gas station crumbles onto him.

Fire crews were called on Saturday to a blaze at a combination Mobile gas station and Burger King in Iron Mountain in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Videographer Jason Asselin responded to the scene, and shot video as the crews surrounded and attacked the fire.

Asselin was shooting when the facade of the building fell atop an unidentified firefighter, trapping him beneath the burning debris for about two minutes. According to local news media, the firefighter was treated for burns at a hospital and released.

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Asselin’s video shows the active scene, then the moment the wall folds and falls, trapping the firefighter. It also shows several people running to the rescue and pulling the man from underneath.

“Oh, my God! Oh, my God!” Asselin shouts on the video, as he understands what has just happened.

Onlookers applaud when they realize the firefighter has been rescued, and is standing while crew members help to get him medical care.

A second firefighter suffered smoke inhalation at  the scene.

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