WATCH: Traffic stops in downtown Hamilton for ‘Hamilton’ musical cast photo shoot

Two actors from the musical “Hamilton” visited downtown Hamilton on Wednesday as officials closed part of a major street to hold an event at the Alexander Hamilton statue.

The actors who portray George Washington (Paul Oakley Stovall) and Alexander Hamilton (Edred Utomi) are performing in the smash hit “Hamilton,” which is playing at Cincinnati’s Aronoff Center.

The city and its advocates are using the musical to invite the nearly 63,000 who will be watching the musical to pay a visit to the city. That invitation is being extended through a two-page ad in the pamphlet, Playbill, that is handed out to audiences before performances.

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Fort Hamilton is generally believed to have been completed Sept. 20, 1791, and was named for Alexander Hamilton, who at the time was President George Washington’s treasury secretary. Hamilton also had been an important senior aide to Washington during the Revolutionary War.

Like some other cities, Hamilton uses the fort’s completion date as the date it celebrates as its founding, and the city celebrated the 225th anniversary of the date in 2016.

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