Unseasonably warm weather today with rising clouds; Showers to start overnight

Today will start out mostly clear and cold, though temperatures and cloud cover will rise as the day goes on for a partly sunny, much warmer than seasonal day, according to the National Weather Service in Wilmington.

Highs today will rise to around 59 degrees with some light wind.

Overnight, temperatures won’t fall much, with a low of around 47 degrees, and we will continue to see clouds gather.

Then, after midnight, we will start to see a chance of showers, which will swiftly rise to make rain likely in the pre-dawn hours of Saturday morning.

On Saturday, we will see rain for most of the day along with some breezy winds and stronger wind gusts as high as 34 mph. Temperatures will again be far above average at around 58 degrees.

Saturday night, though, rains will taper off in the few hours after dark, and temperatures will cool to a low of around 36 degrees. We will continue to see some wind, which will lessen as the night goes on.

Sunday will be cloudy but dry, with highs only rising a few degrees to around 41. Sunday night, temperatures will dip even further to around 26 degrees, as much of the sky cover clears leading into Monday morning.

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