Ex-boyfriend had history of violence against 17-year-old girl who was shot to death, records show

A 17-year-old girl was shot and later died, and a former boyfriend was arrested in an incident that followed a history of abuse allegations about the suspect.

LaShonda Childs, 17, was shot on Tuesday and died on Wednesday after being transported to Grandview Medical Center in Dayton.

Her former boyfriend, Trendell Goodwin, was arrested on Tuesday.

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Details emerged since the incident that gained attention throughout the region. Among them:

• Childs called 911 before the shooting to ask the dispatcher for help because “I’m scared. He’s got a gun. I can’t talk … I can’t talk. I’m in a bad situation.”

• Goodwin has a history of abuse allegations that includes about 15 bookings into the Montgomery County Jail.

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• In February 2018, Goodwin was arrested after Childs told police he hit her and bit her. He served 19 days of a 180-day sentence.

• Childs’ family told this news organization Childs was unable to separate herself from Goodwin, and that their history included domestic violence.

• Childs’ mother said Goodwin had shot up their home last month, an incident that was documented in a Dayton police report.

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Prosecutors are expected to meet today to review possible murder charges against Goodwin.

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