Young man injured in apparent electrical shock, falls from utility pole

UPDATE @ 9:25 a.m.:

Law enforcement has determined that the young man who was injured Friday night after falling from a utility pole was not a student at Ohio University, according to the Universities Media Relations Manager Jim Sabin.

The man’s name and condition are still not known at this time.


A young man was injured Friday night after he climbed a utility pole and apparently was electrically shocked before he fell.

Numerous videos posted to social media and shared with News Center 7 showed a fireball and sparks before the man fell.

Jenna Crass, an Ohio University student from Cincinnati who was at the large outdoor party on Palmer Street said everyone was having a good time when in the middle of the party some people started “acting crazy” by jumping off roofs.

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One person started climbing up a pole.

“Everyone was cheering him on,” Crass said.

When he got to the top he was showing off and was going to drink a beer. When he lifted his arm to drink the beer, he touched the highest wire.

“You could see the sparks fly and he fell,” she said.

Crass said as he fell he also hit lower wires on the pole.

She estimated he fell about 30 feet to the ground.

The man’s name and condition are not known.

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Many students immediately left, but others stayed to help him. Crass said she was told he was awake and talking, and that there are a lot of rumors circulating among students about possible broken bones and injuries he may have suffered.

Athens police said they were not yet releasing any information about the incident.

An Ohio University spokesman said they are aware of media reports of the incident in Athens and that the university is letting law enforcement conduct an investigation and awaiting any new information.

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