Ohio puppy breeders make ‘Horrible Hundred’ lists

Eight Ohio “puppy mills” were called out by Humane Society of the United States in an annual publication that’s part of its “Stop Puppy Mills” campaign.

That puts Ohio near the top of the list when it came to states home to the most operations on the list, following Missouri, Iowa and and Pennsylvania.

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The Humane Society each year publishes a report which highlights 100 problem puppy mills that it considers problematic, based on state and federal inspection records.

It included two operations in Fredericksburg, one in Fremont, one in Loudonville, three in Millersburg, and one in Shiloh.

This includes one location in Millersburg, with the name of the operation withheld by the USDA, where the humane society said inspection records show two shih tsuz were found with untreated eye disorders that inspectors said were likely painful and could lead to blindness.

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