Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor reveals sons’ addictions in exclusive interview

Ohio Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor revealed to the Dayton Daily News that both of her sons – Joe, 26, and Michael, 23 — have struggled with addiction to opioids and have undergone treatment.

Both sons are now doing well, according to Taylor, though one remains in treatment. She agreed to talk to the newspaper because she said she hopes it can help other Ohio families that are dealing with addiction issues.

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Taylor, a Republican, is running for governor in 2018. She told the newspaper that she didn’t know where to turn when her son Joe first told her he had a problem five years ago.

She and her husband rushed him into treatment, but his recovery hasn’t gone in a straight line, said Taylor. She declined to go into specifics about the details of her sons’drug addictions but said the family has endured failed drug rehab programs, two overdoses at home, and urgent calls for ambulances over the past five years.

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Gov. John Kasich released a statement to the newspaper that says he and Taylor “have discussed this situation for an extended period of time.

“As a dear friend I have encouraged her and her family during this extremely difficult journey, and I will continue to lift her family up in my prayers,” the statement says.

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