Sara’s House opens second Hamilton location inside Spooky Nook venue

Credit: TVHamilton

Credit: TVHamilton

Sara’s House at Spooky Nook Sports Champion Mill in Hamilton is now open, and for the remainder of the year, the store’s hours will be based on activities at the sports and events megaplex.

“This has been a long time coming,” said Sara Vallandingham, owner of Sara’s House. “We absolutely love this entire Spooky Nook facility, and it’s really awesome to be a partner in.”

The Spooky Nook location is the second for Sara’s House, which opened its original shop at 254 High St. almost a decade ago. Vallandingham said they saw the vision when she and her daughter and partner, Maria Peckinpaugh, toured the space. They said this store would be more of a boutique for out-of-town guests, though they also want their local customers to visit.

“This shop is different,” Vallandingham said. “It’s an extension of our existing store, but it has its own personality, too.”

Peckinpaugh said opening the store was “exciting to see it all come together.”

The Spooky Nook store will be more what Peckinpaugh and her mom said are quick “grab and go” items designed for out-of-town guests, and will still have handmade products.”

When they toured the space a few years ago, Peckinpaugh said “it was almost magical the way they were utilizing the old and trying to reinvigorate it with our city. It was a special opportunity we wanted to be a part of.”

Sara’s House is located inside the Champion Mill Conference Center entrance of the megacomplex that splits North B Street. It is also the fourth local business to open inside Spooky Nook. Municipal Brew Works and Petals & Wicks also have second locations inside the complex, and Flub’s Ice Cream opened its fourth.

The Greater Hamilton Chamber of Commerce conducted a ribbon cutting last week, and President and CEO Dan Bates said they “couldn’t be more excited for Sara and Sara’s House.”

Spooky Nook General Manager Scott Rodgers called Sara’s House “another piece of the puzzle as we continue to open up, a little slower than we wanted, but we’re so excited to bring it to life here in Hamilton.”

Councilmember Susan Vaughn said at last week’s ribbon cutting she recently talked with Spooky Nook owner Sam Beiler about local establishments opening additional locations at the facility, saying, “He is such a fan of Hamilton.”

“We couldn’t be happier for you,” Vaughn said to Vallandingham. “Thank you for everything you brought to Hamilton.”

Next year will be the 10th anniversary year for Sara’s House at its 254 High St. location.

“We love this community,” she said. “You guys make our life what it is.”

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