Residents react to Middletown Steak ‘n Shake’s closure for health inspection violations

Middletown health officials have suspended the food license of a Middletown Steak ‘n Shake for two weeks because of repeated health code violations.

Jackie Philips, city health commissioner, said the notice to close was given about 12:30 p.m. Tuesday to the restaurant located at 3170 Towne Blvd.

The news generated hundreds of comments on Facebook:

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I went through drive through an ordered a shake and I pulled up to the window and I saw the guy taking his fingers and wiping off where it was dripping and licked his fingers😳 He handed to me and I said, No thanks and he dropped them on purpose and they hit the ground and called me a filthy name. Soooo I parked my car and went inside and SCREAMED lol who's the manager???? And the rest is history !!!!! I got a letter a week later from headquarters and apologizing and the guy was fired

What took so long!? This place has been nasty forever & their service sucks!! Haven't eaten there in years!

Just because they have health code violations doesn't change their service aspect which is horrible customer service they should just remain closed and do a re-branding of some kind

Every time I drive by a Steak and Shake-anywhere-I always think, "I cannot believe anyone eats there."

Steak & Shake needs a chain-wide rebranding.

I was served a half cooked burger and fries with pieces of the bag in them on my last visit on Colerain.

This is all caused because of poor management. If they were on their toes and watch who they hire and make them do their jobs as far as cleaning and call the bug man when necessary this would have never happened.

About time! Quit going there when the waitress didn't care that my friends hotdog buns had green mold all over the side

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