Police: Apartment, vehicle spray painted in Butler County with messages

Oxford police.

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Oxford police.

The owner of a 10-unit Oxford apartment building discovered the apartment window and vehicle of one of his tenants had been spray painted with pink paint July 21 and woke up the tenant and called police just before 8 a.m.

The exterior screen and window had been spray painted in pink with the word “Meth” while more damage was found on the tenant’s vehicle. The occupants of the apartment said they had heard a sound at around 3 a.m. which sounded like bug spray being discharged outside their window but thought nothing of it.

A face with “X X” for eyes was painted on the hood and the word “Tag” was painted on the driver’s side near the rear windows. Pink spray paint covered most of the driver’s window with the words “Meth Dealer” scratched in the paint on driver’s door. The headlights had also been spray painted with pink spray paint.

The victim gave the officer the name of an uncharged suspect who was not named in the report because no charges had yet been filed. He said the uncharged suspect had accused him of sleeping with the suspect’s girlfriend in the past. Nothing had happened with the quarrel for several months until the victim received a text message sent from the cell phone of the uncharged suspect’s girlfriend the evening before the spray painting occurred.

He had not seen that message until after the damage was discovered and he believed the uncharged suspect had used his girlfriend’s phone to send the text. In a text exchange after the damage was found, the victim said the uncharged suspect had used the expression “Tag you’re it” and he felt use of the word “tag” made him certain the suspect had done the damage.

One of the exterior mirrors was also broken off the vehicle and found at the victim’s doorstep with a message in red marker reading, “Welcome to class. Here’s to the first taste of a long hard lesson Baby. MWAH!” The victim believes fingerprints found on the mirror were new and not his own. The mirror was taken into evidence by the officer.

The officer located the uncharged suspect, who denied doing the damage and said he tries not to associate with the victim anymore. He was told investigation will continue.

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