Oxford PD apologies for ‘he said, she said’ tweet

The truth is usually somewhere in the middle of any “he said, she said” dispute.

That was the message the Oxford Police Department attempted to get across in a Nov. 24 tweet.

However, the public had its own interpretation, in particular many of the department’s Twitter followers thought it referenced sexual assault.

The public reaction prompted an apology tweet on Monday.

“In no way was it referring to sexual assaults,” said Oxford Police Lt. Lara Fenig. “Some people did (interpret it that way) and that was unfortunate because that’s not at all how it was intended … We just did not foresee that interpretation, regretfully.”

Most Oxford police reports are disputes between two people, often referred to as “he said, she said” arguments. The point the department said it attempted to make was the truth is generally somewhere between those two sides.

“We take a lot of pride in how we handle sexual assault cases,” Fening said. “We invest a lot into those types of reports, and we take them very seriously. We try to give victims a lot of guidance, and they have control of where the case is going. We try to empower them, and we refer them to a lot of support avenues.”

But a lot of people did not appreciate the initial tweet, the response tweet on Nov. 25 nor the Monday apology tweet — which many responded they did not see it as an apology.

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