What some of our readers are saying about Charlottesville

Travis William Smith: It was both sides at fault, how is that hard to understand? Both have different beliefs and opinions on the statue, both were fighting, spewing the foul language, throwing things, breaking things, and so fourth. But go ahead … keep stirring that pot.

John Belluardo: The media is suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome! If he gave out free oxygen the media would choke themselves!

Darryl Baker: To the surprise of no one, tRump is lying … again.

Barry Takacss: There were three groups of idiots. the KKK/Nazi idiots were having an "event" in a park. The black lies matter idiots and the antifa-Fascists idiots decided to show up and crash the "party" and start a fight. You cant blame one team without blaming them all, one great big park full of idiots.

Krisa Eshea: He is not my president.

Lance Myers: Gen. Kelly was literally hanging his head in shame standing next to him. Amazing. Worst presidential presser ever.

Ryan Vickers: Who drove a car down the street hurting 19 people and killing someone? I believe it was a white supremacist Trump Nazi supporter. Just saying, or is that fake news, too?

Robert Ballard: A woman died on U.S. soil fighting Nazis … just let that sink in. There are Neo-Fascists in this country that people are defending. Now I don't know where you're from, but in America, that's supposed to be bad thing.

Chris Chapman: I agree with the fact that some (probably few) were there to protest the removal of the statue. If we are gonna make make this work the country as a whole should remove all statues and monuments. On the other side of thinking maybe we should just recognize what these monuments and statues say about the history of America. Sure at several points it was tragic, and racist and sometimes just down right not good. Let's just drive over this speed bump and keep moving forward to a place where we can all just get along.

Gina Hawkins: All these groups are hate groups. None if them are in the right. But they all have a right to protest peacefully.

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