TODAY’S MODERATOR: Still watching the water

It finally rained in California, but not everything is back normal.

According to a story in The Guardian, "California Gov. Jerry Brown officially declared an end to the state's historic drought Friday, but warned that it must be prepared for the future. 'This drought emergency is over, but the next drought could be around the corner,' Brown said. 'Conservation must remain a way of life.'

Brown lifted the drought emergency in all but four California counties, the paper reported, since spring rains have brought some relief to the long-parched state, helping restore groundwater supplies.

COMMENTARY: Let’s hear it for governmental checks and balances

However, the Guardian said, “Water conservation will become a way of life in the nation’s most populous state, said Felicia Marcus, chairwoman of the state water resources control board. Officials already have started charting long-term rules to make California more resilient as climate change makes weather patterns more severe. ‘There’s a greater appreciation of just how precious water is,’ she said. ‘We’ve got to plan for longer droughts.’”

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