TODAY’S MODERATOR: An officer’s accidental OD

This story about the opioid epidemic was scary — an Ohio police officer overdosed just from brushing up against evidence.

Our staff writer Chris Stewart reported: "An eastern Ohio officer was revived with four doses of Narcan after he accidentally came into contact with suspected fentanyl during a traffic stop and overdosed Friday. The incident highlights the chilling danger to police and the public from an extremely powerful opioid that, at its most potent, just a few granules can kill.

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“Fentanyl is so rampant in Ohio, it raises concern that people other than law officers are also at risk of accidental contact with deadly drug residue in places like public restrooms where addicts commonly use drugs, in hospitals where users are treated, and in the homes of drug users. Patrolman Chris Green of the East Liverpool Police Department was part of a search of a vehicle suspected to be involved in a drug transaction … (and) an hour later, he passed out in the police station, suffering from a suspected overdose from the powder police believe was fentanyl.”

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