TODAY’S MODERATOR: Do companies do enough?

The last few days, we've been sharing observations from the recent Think Regional! summit on workforce development held in West Chester Twp. with academics and officials from the Cincinnati-Dayton area. Panelists talked a lot about how schools can teach students the "soft skills" needed to be successful in the workplace, and how important that is.

But several also suggested that some of this rests on the shoulders of business and industry, as well. One educator suggested that some employers may be too impatient with young employees who don’t arrive on Day 1 fully formed. Someone in the audience suggested that it’s one thing for companies to make certain demands of workers, “but what do they do be appealing” to new hires in an employee’s market? “Lots of people can’t afford to work for $8 an hour,” she said.

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What about offering child care? Competitive pay? Policies flexible enough to allow for, say, car problems — “or a balance in terms of keeping people in the workforce?”

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