TODAY’S MODERATOR: Changes coming to school testing?

Is the end in sight for Ohio school testing? Our education reporter, Jeremy P. Kelley, reported this week:

"The state school board on Tuesday threw its support behind pathways to graduation for Class of 2018 students who don't pass state tests. The board backed the recommendations of the state workgroup – to allow those current high school juniors to earn a diploma via a mix of senior-year items like 93 percent attendance, a 2.5 GPA, 120 hours of work/community service or a "capstone project."


“There are eight such markers, and students would have to achieve at least two of them, along with completing – but not passing – the seven state end-of-course exams. The state legislature would still have to approve these changes, and Sen. Peggy Lehner, chair of the Senate education committee, said there could be small tweaks, but she believes there is general legislative support,” Kelley wrote.

Lehner says there’s been fairly little objection so far, and that she doesn’t believe this will hurt the value of an Ohio high school diploma.

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