Thoughts on 9/11

Reader Brian Jarvis, a city council member from Beavercreek, shared his thoughts about 9/11.

” It is important for us to gather on this day each year, as individuals as well as a society, to reflect on those tragic events. We need to remember those whose lives were taken on that day as well as those who willingly gave their lives for others.

“The Beavercreek 9/11 Memorial, with its twisted steel, granite replicas of the World Trade Centers, pentagon-shaped outline, and beautiful field landscaping, serves as an educational tool for those that were too young to remember the events of Sept. 11th, 2001, as well as to the rest of us who will forever remember where we were at that specific date and times.

“It also serves as a reminder, that in a society as free and as open as ours, we need to regularly remind ourselves to remain vigilant, not with anger, but with resolution, so that tragedies such as what occurred on 9/11 can never happen again.”

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