Tell us what you think: Texting + driving = penalty?

Are you ever on the phone while you’re driving? C’mon, admit it.

Well, tweeting and texting while you're behind the wheel might cost you in Ohio, if a proposed state law gains support. Our statehouse reporter, Laura A. Bischoff, writes: "State Reps. Bill Seitz, R-Cincinnati, and Jim Hughes, R-Columbus, introduced House Bill 95 to add a $100 penalty on top of other fines for moving violations if the driver was distracted by a 'handheld electronic communications device' — fancy legal talk for 'smart phone' but it also includes laptops and tablets.

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"Violators would have the option of paying the $100 fine or taking a distracted driver safety course. The bill defines distracted driving as engaging in any activity that isn't necessary to operating the vehicle and that impairs the motorist's ability to drive safely. Drivers using hands-free devices would be exempted."

Bischoff reported the feds say distraction contributes to 16 percent of fatal crashes; teens are big offenders, studies show — but hardly the only ones.

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