To Sharpie, or not to Sharpie

Two opposite reactions about the grammar-loving reader who says she carries around black Sharpie.

From Anne Pici: “An entire box of 20 holiday cards came complete with the message ‘Seasons Greetings.’ As a copy editor, I had to insert correct punctuation (Season’s Greetings) and then include a humorous message about the world’s needing two things now: 1) One person/one vote; 2) More apostrophes.

“I would have added a third item if I had read Margaret Tabor’s email: 3) More crazy ladies with Sharpies. Well, make that four: 4) More crazy men with Sharpies.

“But why are we shocked with such sloppiness when Trump tweets ‘unpresidented’ for ‘unprecedented’? Misused apostrophes are just the tip’s of the iceberg’s.”

And this, from Robert Lindsey: “My opinion of that ‘pesky English major’ is that she is nothing more than a lawbreaking, common vandal. Not following the ‘rules of grammar’ is not a legal crime to the best of my knowledge, however, defacing other’s property is a crime. … If I catch you speeding, even a little, I can grab your car keys and throw them in the trash?”

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