Finding lost treasure

You never know when treasure may be lurking just outside your notice.

In Denmark recently, a 14-year-old boy doing a homework assignment with his dad went exploring in a nearby field with a metal detector and found the long-lost remains of a German warplane from World War II. The boy’s great-grandfather told the family the plane had gone down on the farmland during the war, but nothing was ever found. Father and son were trying to make a history lesson come alive, according to the New York Times, and made an amazing discovery.

Meanwhile, another Times story reports, "When an antiques expert visited Blenheim Palace in England on official business, he happened to notice an ornately carved marble piece that was being used as a planter in one of the estate's gardens. Something about the carvings was familiar — there was a drunken Dionysus leaning on a satyr, carved lion heads and depictions of Hercules and Ariadne merrymaking at a party. The flower pot turned out to be part of an ancient Roman sarcophagus."

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