Fighting for cursive

Time to come to cursive’s rescue? Much has been written about the not-so-gradual demise of handwriting in our fast-rushing, constantly typing digital age. It may soon disappear.

Now, the state of Ohio may try to do something about it. Our statehouse reporter, Laura A. Bischoff, writes: “Some Ohio lawmakers want elementary school student to be able to print letters by third grade and write documents in ‘legible cursive handwriting’ by the time they finish fifth grade. Ohio House Education Committee Chairman Andrew Brenner, R-Powell, introduced a bill Monday to mandate that kindergarteners through fifth graders be instructed in handwriting.

“Cursive instruction is included in the state’s ‘model curriculum’ for grades 3 and 4 and the State Board of Education passed a resolution in early 2014 in support of teaching cursive. But it isn’t a hard and fast requirement,” she notes. “The same bill was introduced in 2015 but failed to pass before the two-year legislative session ended.”

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