But what about squirrels?

Reader Thelma Lewis sent in what may very well be the final word on our recent columns and emails about outdoor and feral cats, and whether they’re a danger to bird populations. She writes:

“I’m reading much about the ‘cat problem’ in the community, however nothing about the serious squirrel problems.

“Several weeks ago, I went to my car looking under the hood and found a huge squirrel nest; after cleaning it out, I drove the car and it would barely run, so I took it to a service center and it was diagnosed (determined) that my fuel injector wiring had been chewed up (cost = $180). I had it rewired — then it happened again, so I am now parking my car on the street rather than the private apartment parking lot (near trees, bushes, etc.)

“I might add that I am placing mothballs under the hood, as well as rat traps as I cannot afford further destruction by the varmints. Also, the squirrels had chewed the insulation from under the hood.”

I confess that this is a new one, to me. Plus, I like squirrels. Oh, well.

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