A bit of farming future

A look at agri-business of the future? Our staff writer Mark Fisher, who covers food and dining, wrote last week about a family in Beavercreek Twp. that grows fish and veggies in the same space.

The “aqua farm,” he reports, “will allow them to sell pesticide-free, chemical-free vegetables, fruit, fish and crayfish year-round. Oasis Aqua Farm founders Kimball and Stephanie Osborne have erected a 2,500-square-foot structure that looks like a greenhouse at their seven-acre farm. The ‘greenhouse’ actually houses an aquaponics system, in which plants grow in gently circulating water that also provides a home to fish and crayfish.”

Kimball Osborne described the operation this way to Fisher: “In aquaponics, fish and plants have a symbiotic relationship. Fish provide the nutrients for the plants and in turn the plants clean the water for the fish. Creating and maintaining this closed ecosystem allows us to grow safe, natural, highly nutritious vegetables along with a lean source of protein (fish and crayfish) in an accelerated time frame.”

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