2-year-old boy found in ditch covered in bites, mud, police say

A police officer thought he found a toy doll baby in a drainage ditch Saturday, but was surprised when it was actually a 2-year-old boy covered in bug bites and mud.

Officer Keith Capps was patrolling for debris in the road after a storm when something caught the corner of his eye, KXII reported.

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"(I) noticed what I thought was a baby doll," he told KXII. "That's when I realized it was a small child."

The boy, who did not speak, was taken to a hospital, where he is recovering.

"It's not every day you drive down the street and see a child in a ditch," Capps said.

The child's mother told KXII that one of their other children opened the door and let the boy outside. She said the toddler was playing in water from the storms and was only outside for about six minutes.

Capps intends on testifying at a hearing Tuesday about the child neglect charges against four adults involved in the case.

Antlers police and the Oklahoma Department of Human Services are investigating.

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