Woman searching for 'real-life angel' credited with saving her life

Credit: Boston25News.com

Credit: Boston25News.com

A Massachusetts woman is lucky to be alive thanks to her best friend and a good Samaritan who showed up at the right place at the right time.

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Maureen Kidney and Kathleen Savage have been friends for 30 years, sticking together through losing husbands and the birth of their grandchildren.

Two weeks ago, Kidney, of Lynn, offered to drive Savage home from North Shore Medical Center in Salem after she had gotten a stress test.

However, on the way home, a real-life stress test began to play out.

The pair was just a couple of miles from the hospital when Kidney started going into cardiac arrest behind the wheel.

It all happened on busy Highland Avenue as Kidney was pulling up to a stoplight, so her foot was on the brake when she seized. Savage, who was on the passenger seat, managed to grab the steering wheel and pull over to the side of the road.

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Suddenly, a woman came out of nowhere and began performing CPR on Kidney.

The two say it all happened so fast they didn't get a chance to look at the "real-life angel" who disappeared as quickly as she appeared.

"The paramedics said she saved my life," Kidney said.

Neither police or paramedics know the identity of this person, either. Now, Kidney and Savage are hoping the woman sees this story.

After almost two weeks hospitalized, Kidney is headed home and says she would like nothing better than to give the woman who saved her life a proper thank you.

"I'd like to take her out to dinner," Kidney said.

The women are looking for the good Samaritan. Anyone who may know who she is should call the North Shore Medical Center Salem Hospital at 978-354-2060.

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